I feel confused. Help!

Are we suret hat every affiliated Box offer pure CrossFit?

What do you really want?

Clear targets, strategy but also awareness and sense of reality are the elements of the success of a Box.

The unknown world of CTA

What is a CTA and what is it for?

Box and Marketing

Did you know? A gym is a service provider.

Meet Mrs. Heidi

Here is how to loose a potential client just because sometimes we’re not able to talk and act in a proper way.

Is everything in control?

Budget is a precious tool to keep al the economics and financial aspects of a Gym, under control.

Box Vs. Globo Gym

After all box and a Commercial Gym are not so different. They are indeed the same thing with a different positioning

Think before posting

Knowing what to post on the BOX social profiles is crucial to preserve reputation and keep away from troubles.

What is the best marketing strategy for a Box? Let’s try to give an answer to this question

Makerting and Avdertising

Some still confuse marketing and advertising as the same thing but in this post I’ll try to make cear the differences.

Mr. Complain

Complains from clients are a good occasion to improve our services and ourselves but we have to fix them and never take them as a personal matter.

Communicating the Box

Being aware of what and how we communicate may help us to avoid unwanted situations and to target the right recipient.