The community that others envy us

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Rolando Alberti - CrossFit Rowing e Business

Those who think that people choose CrossFit only for the fitness aspect of the thing, have probably lost an important part related to this activity, that is, the community that others envy us. Without this awareness and without understanding how to manage it, we fall into the obvious cycle of people who come and go, typical of gyms. 

The community is a fundamental means of both retaining people and helping them to change their attitude towards adversity by sharing common experiences.

The Box is not only a place to train but also the opportunity for many people to forget the problems of daily life for an hour, to solidarity with other members and above all to learn to know themselves better.

The freedom to express yourself

I was able to visit the Boxes where people were treated worse during classes than in certain elite military corps. Me the people who attend the Box are not the SAS of his majesty, let alone the Navy Seals.

The point is that in these cases not only the concept of scalability is diminished but also people who perhaps do not really want to be insulted at every mistake or to be ready in addition to those who believe they are their limits.

Each of us has a different perception of the others and if the Trainer does not understand that in order to bring out the potential of a student he must encourage and not humiliate him, then we have a problem. Everyone has the right to choose for himself and if we, trainers, believe that a person can do more, it is up to us to find ways to stimulate them in a positive way.

Bringing out the best in people means first of all leaving them the freedom to express themselves, in the sense that while giving guidelines, we must make sure that they themselves feel protected and therefore dare to do something more. 

If you succeed in this type of approach, you will soon switch from WOD, seen as something difficult to complete but still to finish, to everyday problems, solving them methodically.

If we are responsible trainers, we cannot push people to do what we want, but to show them the best way to achieve a given goal, leaving them the task of finding the way and often also the goal.

The role of the community and trainer in personal development

In this process, the community has a great value since not only the sense of belonging but also the possibility to express oneself without the fear of receiving judgments comes into play. If you fall you get up and nobody laughs at you. Or laugh at it yourself with others.

Sharing an experience like a WOD, especially certain WODs, regardless of whether it is scaled or not, is a very intimate act. Some suffering is shared there, publicly involved and aspects of oneself shown which under normal circumstances would be well hidden. 

In the class, however much you try to hide it, everyone ends up bringing out their little fears, obsessions, typical behaviors and so on. The interesting thing is that everything is always accepted by everyone as everyone ends up doing it.

And this is where the beauty begins because not only are deep and lasting relationships born and cemented, but people start to change gradually increasing self-confidence. This is the real purpose of group work that goes far beyond a PR, becoming instead a means to grow as individuals and as a group.

In this scenario, you trainers have a central role in that you are both an enabler and those who manage the dynamics of the group, making sure that everyone has a place within it . And this implies not limiting oneself to the athletic aspect of the thing but also considering the social one.

A family from which it is difficult to separate

Give everyone their own space within which they can express themselves, while respecting the rules of coexistence and what you will have in return will be a large family difficult to leave.

The Box should therefore be a place where everyone feels at home not only because he has the opportunity to train according to an unconventional method, but also because he does it together with other people with whom he shares practically everything.

In a society where everyone tends to isolate themselves, often due to a lack of self-confidence, this fact has an invaluable value that goes far beyond that of a subscription. 

Here we talk about creating and supporting a real community of people united inside and outside the Box and this should be the goal of every Box Owner; your goal. I can’t imagine a different way than this to manage to improve people’s lives.

This time I didn’t talk about business because the economic aspect of every situation always comes into the background and that is after they have laid the foundations with honesty, passion and sincerity. The rest always comes alone. If the necessary strategies are applied, it is even better but at the base there must always be the will to do good to people.

And this is what we try to teach to the Box Owners and Trainers who work with us every day: to build a community in the true sense of the word.