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The rower, or as I prefer to call it, the "rowing machine" is a wonderful machine to keep fit. Just learn how to use it the right way and it can give you a lot of satisfaction. Of course, training alone is not the best and the lack of incentive, together with the fact of not having a defined program with specific objectives, pushes many people to abandon training.

But then why don't you train with me? Having someone who stimulates you, prepares a training program based on your goals and challenges you, certainly works much better than training alone. Thanks to technology, as we have learned in the past Lockdowns, it is possible to stay connected and train all together even at great distances.


You only need one hour a day

All you need for an hour of your day, a rowing machine, preferably Concept2 and your body. We'll take care of the rest, providing you with tailor-made training every day based on the program you have chosen.

You choose the program

You decide which one to choose from the available programs, based on your needs and expectations. My collaborators and I will be following you closely to make sure everything works as it should.

Continuous feedback

Through your private area you will receive every week training sessions, valuable advice and continuous feedback to make sure you fine-tune your program in real time and check the results.

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Who wins and who loses between WOD and ego.

Today we talk about who wins and who loses between WOD and ego, even if the answer is obvious. We all know it but sometimes we forget it.