I am Rollo.

Ciao io sono Rollo

I am a Business Mentor, I do CrossFit®, Rowing and I like writing.

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My books (in Italian)

A book written by a Box Owner for all Box Owners and managers of Cross Training gyms who want to improve their entrepreneurial skills.
A real guide on how to manage and transform your Box into a point of reference and a profitable company capable of giving great satisfaction and creating value, following an entrepreneurial path created specifically for Box Owners.
Quest or volume contains everything you need to Box Owner of success, whether he is a beginner or more by the time the market and looking for feedback, ideas and suggestions.
Digital media and social networks are today an indispensable tool to promote any type of organization that operates in the world of Fitness.
The conscious use of these modern means of communication allows you to reach a wide audience of potential customers, create a solid reputation and contribute to the spread of the culture of Fitness.
This Book contains an in-depth analysis of Digital Media and their use in the context of the varied world of fitness, proposing itself as a guide for all fitness operators interested in making the most of their potential for the promotion and marketing of their organization  or even for personal purposes.

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The Social CrossFitter

But is the typical CrossFitter really the one that is offered to us every day in social media posts? Or is what we perceive a distorted reality? I asked myself this question the other night while browsing Instagram and then I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone who has no idea what CrossFit is
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The Girls of CrossFit

Gilrs weaker sex? CrossFit girls manage to knock out even the strongest and most experienced athlete. After all, they were born for that.
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The Box belongs to everyone for better or for worse

better or for worse?

Hi I am Rollo

My main job is that of Business Mentor, currently but not exclusively for box owners and sports associations. In practice, I help these people to organize their businesses more organically, transferring them all the knowledge and skills needed to be a good entrepreneur.

Thanks to a long background as a "startupper" on behalf of some Venture Capital and Intergovernmental Agencies, I specialized in the development of business projects alongside young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, acting as "adviser *, a bit like the old ones." sages of the ancient tribes.

My complete curriculum is available on Linkedin and I am always ready and always open to new collaborations, bringing experience and skills ranging from organization to marketing, from personnel management to internal and external communication, from the development of standard operating procedures to of the actual business.

In my website I write about these topics, mainly in favor of the Box owners and their colleagues from the Sports Associations, trying to bring food for thought and give useful suggestions for the daily management of their activities.

I started practicing CrossFit in 2009, in the United Kingdom, when still in Italy, or rather in Europe, the Boxes were a few dozen. My interest in what at the time was shaping up to be the only real novelty in the world of Fitness since the 80s, developed by chance, while for personal culture, I was studying in Switzerland for a Federal exam.

It all started because I wanted to take care of myself and I wanted to learn all the skills to be able to develop training programs to apply on myself and expand my personal culture. Thus it was that struck by CrossFit you achieved the famous L1, then followed by L2 and in 2013 and together with other people who had known CrossFit in the USA and Australia, we opened the first Box: CrossFit Lugano. Three more followed within 4 years.

Here I write about CrossFit, especially for end users, that is the box-goers who, in many cases, missed the initial period and many of the premises on which, at the time we pioneers, based our work. My goal is to make people more aware of this training method, making sure that not only the right expectations are created but also a critical sense towards the Boxes they attend; caught useful after the first enthusiasm to understand where you are going.

In 2106, after many years spent on the rowing machine with CrossFit, I decided to try what were the sensations of rowing in the water and I approached this sport by which I was fascinated. In the past I had worked on indoor technique with a friend who was a former athlete of the Norwegian national rowing team and I had always been curious to try on the water.

Over time I realized that CrossFit could be an excellent method of preparation for rowing and I started training to participate in national indoor competitions in Switzerland, unexpectedly placing myself on the podium among the Masters E in the Indoor Rowing championship. And we know that the appetite comes with eating.

With a lot of training, the qualitative leap has arrived that has allowed me to start the path towards international competitions, parallel to the development of skills in the water, always with the aim of competing and learning.

Here I try to give useful information to CrossFitters on how to use their ergometers since almost always trainers and coaches do not have specific skills to teach it, nor to program it in classes effectively. And of course, I look for parallels between the two activities.