Crossfitter fai da te ahi ahi ahi
Do it yourself CrossFitter? Ouch ouch ouch. I'll tell you why doing it yourself is not a good idea, even if you have all the necessary skills.
Misurare la HRV per gestire il recupero

Measuring HRV to manage recovery

Crossfitters like to train a lot and measuring HRV helps to assess and manage their stress level and subsequent recovery.
Here we go again with CrossFit Games
Here we go again with the CrossFit Games that invade the lives and message boards of many people struggling with the Open and with themselves.
Al Box senza il Box

At the box without the box

Training as being at the Box but without the Box is the challenge of this last period and with the arrival of spring, even the most lazy people have no excuse to go out to train.
Come ritrovare la motivazione

How to find lost motivation

It happens to everyone, especially in this period, to lose motivation. Here are some tips on how to find quickly the motivation you lost.
Il WOD vince l'ego perde
Today we talk about who wins and who loses between WOD and ego, even if the answer is obvious. We all know it but sometimes we forget it.
Quando il Box è chiuso

When the Box is closed

What to do when the Box is closed? Here are some ideas to keep trained even when there is no other way than working out at home.