Business, fitness o tutit e due.Apart from the wordplay of the site's title which reads "the fitness of the fitness business", while on the one hand fitness is a business and as such it can bring excellent profits, on the other hand the business must be as fit as possible . This is why the two concepts work well together and, besides being complementary, they are similar. So similar that they are totally superimposable and what is true for one, is also valid for the other.

Business, fitness o both?

We speak therefore of business fitness when we consider a company, of any size, which thrives thanks to a particularly careful and visionary management that allows it to have excellent performance.

Now, to simplify, let's say that a company in the fitness industry should be managed a bit like athletes to get them to have the maximum level of fitness and be successful in competitions.

Hence the pun of the title of this site which is so bizarre then it is not considered that in the fitness industry there are super organized situations, perhaps even a little too much and others that instead of organized and "fit" do not they have nothing but the frustration of not being performing.

At this point you should know that the author of the site, that is me, is in charge of advising companies in the fitness and wellness sector, trying to explain to entrepreneurs, especially newcomers, what their role is and how to organize the their businesses so that people are happy to buy their services.

Specifically, in fact, I deal with services, so to understand, of gyms, wellness centers and everything that offers services to people. I don't deal with goods instead so don't take me for a reference if you produce items that you sell in the fitness world; for that there are consultants and business coaches much more qualified than me.

Why do I do what I do?

The reason why I deal only with services is that for my whole life I have worked in services and at almost 60 years I think I have seen enough of them to be able to have my say on how to build a successful business in the fitness, wellness and fitness industries. media, since I initially worked in that sector for several years.

Those who decide to follow me will in turn have qualified points of view and information on how to orientate their business towards success even if, it must be said, there is never a guarantee of success if you believe that it is enough to know things so that everything goes the right way .

If you think that being an entrepreneur, even a small one, even a micro one, is a walk and that your future is in panciolle in some Caribbean island while some elusive system or willing helpers work for you, then you are off track and you have to understand very well that doing business means working.

And I mean hard work, every day, every minute. Those that make you believe you have achieved success without doing anything, or are already rich in them or lie shamelessly.

I, for example, always get up today at 07:00 today and work from 12 to 16 hours a day to take care of my business. True that for the most part I write and also true that I also find the time to train and keep myself in shape, also because otherwise I would be absolutely not very credible, but not for this does not mean that I do not pass, like everyone, most of my time to work and help people to do business in the best possible way

So if you are a fitness entrepreneur like you have a gym, a Box CrossFit® or any other business in the fitness industry, you want to learn and get in the game and don't get scared of working, then welcome to this blog.