Corona virus: support your local box

Coronavirus: Support your local Box

Coronavirus: support your local Box. Honestly, I would never have thought of having to write this post but the circumstances are what they are and so here I am again, extending my appeal to all Italian CrossFitters and not only those in Lombardy that I published last weekend . Seeing the trends in the world

Come capire se ci si trova nel Box sbagliato

WOD pushed to the limit of human, overcrowded classes, trainer that seem to hate everybody. How to understand you’re in the wrong Box?

Nervi saldi, lucidità, costanza e pazienza per avere la meglio sullo stress

Strong nerves, lucidity, perseverance and patience to get the rid of stress and manage life if it was a huge WOD

Il CrossFit spiegato a chi non lo pratica

In nobody understand why you do CrossFit this is for all of them: CrossFit explained to those who don’t practice it

Se in classe c'è un trainer si carà un motivo

If there is a trainer in the class there is a reason and ignore it is not surely the best thing to do if you want to improve.

Qual`è il giusto prezzo del fitness

What is the right price for fitness? Certainly not the lowest one but the one that really corresponds to the value of what is being sold.

Sintesi, chiarezza e web writing

Synthesis, clarity and web writing

Synthesis, clarity and web writing don’t always get along and often, in order to be read you need to make compromises not always exciting.

Imparare dagli altri invece di giudicarli

Better to listen and learn from the others instead of judging them and build barriers. It applies to every area and is the key to evolution.

le proteine sono la nuova fromtiera del marketing alimentare

Proteins are the last frontier of food marketing: they point out that they are in food, we pay more and abuse them.

Fitness dopo i 50: baby boomers seguitemi

Fitness after 50: baby boomers follow me.

Once a 50-year-old was considered old and worn out by life, also complicit in the works of the past that actually were tiring and physically tiring more than now so thinking about fitness after 50 was inconceivable. Today, fifty-year-olds are generally less frayed and more eager to continue to live their lives to the full,

Cambiamo i server giovedi

Rollo, we change the servers on Tuesday

In a sunny afternoon of November I’ve been told: “Rollo we change the servers”. And as usual the Muprhy’s law has been fully confirmed.

How CrossFit is changing

How CrossFit is changing

A personal analysis on how the CrossFit is changing, after years of expansion, reaching its maturity stage, and looking for a new identity in its past

The Lesson of 20.4

The lesson from 20.4 open WOD

Never rely too much on your skills because you can always meet a Dave Castro that knocks you down.

Perchè lo fai . why do you do it

Why do you do it?

Between false goals and choices let’s try to understand the power of motivation and how to use it to get more members.

It's not that an enterprise dosentt need to follow the same procedures of a big one just because is small. Maybe it will scale down the tasks but it will do it.

It’s only about dimensions
Magic wands and miraculous methods

Magic wands and miraculous methods

Filling a gym with people is not difficult, the difficult thing is to make sure that these people do not leave after a while.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

Despite the reason why you’re in the business of fitness, if you want to survive you got to do what any business owner is expected to do.

Find a direction

Find a direction

Learning to plan and to set a goal is the only way to avoid problems and failures

No fun, no members

Who said that CrossFit don’t can’t be also fun? Too much Box take this fitness activity too seriously and this often causes a fallout of members.

Back in time

Monday hike in a place that seems suspended in time.

Ecological awareness between words and fact to change thing so they won’t change.

Is CrossFit® for everyone?

Is really CrossFit for everyone? And what is our role in spread this culture?

No one is to blame.

Did you ever notice that every time something goes wrong you tend to blame external factors?

Il colpevole siamo noi.

Avete mai fatto caso che ogni volta che qualcosa va storto si tende a dare la colpa a fattori esterni?

Where is going CrossFit Inc?

Not everybody agree with the recent repositioning of CrossFit Inc. but actually it is a return to the original spirit.


Vi capita mai di avere nostalgia di qualcosa che non esiste più ma che era decisamente meglio di come è ora?

September, time to migrate.

No no, don’t worry, I don’t want to talk to you about the Abruzzese shepherds but about some changes in this blog.

I feel confused. Help!

Are we suret hat every affiliated Box offer pure CrossFit?

What do you really want?

Clear targets, strategy but also awareness and sense of reality are the elements of the success of a Box.

The unknown world of CTA

What is a CTA and what is it for?

Box and Marketing

Did you know? A gym is a service provider.

Meet Mrs. Heidi

Here is how to loose a potential client just because sometimes we’re not able to talk and act in a proper way.

Is everything in control?

Budget is a precious tool to keep al the economics and financial aspects of a Gym, under control.

Box Vs. Globo Gym

After all box and a Commercial Gym are not so different. They are indeed the same thing with a different positioning

Think before posting

Knowing what to post on the BOX social profiles is crucial to preserve reputation and keep away from troubles.

What is the best marketing strategy for a Box? Let’s try to give an answer to this question

Makerting and Avdertising

Some still confuse marketing and advertising as the same thing but in this post I’ll try to make cear the differences.

Mr. Complain

Complains from clients are a good occasion to improve our services and ourselves but we have to fix them and never take them as a personal matter.

Communicating the Box

Being aware of what and how we communicate may help us to avoid unwanted situations and to target the right recipient.

Quality and Services

Superior service quality is the key to create a long term relationship with clients of the Box.