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Il Box è di tutti nel bene e nel male
better or for worse?
Crossfitter fai da te ahi ahi ahi
Do it yourself CrossFitter? Ouch ouch ouch. I'll tell you why doing it yourself is not a good idea, even if you have all the necessary skills.
Misurare la HRV per gestire il recupero

Measuring HRV to manage recovery

Crossfitters like to train a lot and measuring HRV helps to assess and manage their stress level and subsequent recovery.
Here we go again with CrossFit Games
Here we go again with the CrossFit Games that invade the lives and message boards of many people struggling with the Open and with themselves.
Al Box senza il Box

At the box without the box

Training as being at the Box but without the Box is the challenge of this last period and with the arrival of spring, even the most lazy people have no excuse to go out to train.
Come ritrovare la motivazione

How to find lost motivation

It happens to everyone, especially in this period, to lose motivation. Here are some tips on how to find quickly the motivation you lost.
Il WOD vince l'ego perde
Today we talk about who wins and who loses between WOD and ego, even if the answer is obvious. We all know it but sometimes we forget it.
PUbblicità: gli errori più comuni

Advertising: the most trivial mistakes

The advertising can radically increase a Box's revenue, but it happens to make trivial mistakes that do more harm than good.
Charles Darwin e i Box Owner

Charles Darwin and the Box Owners

What does Charles Darwin have to do with the Box Owners and the situation created in the gym industry due to the pandemic? In reality, much more than one might think, if one thinks in terms of adaptation and evolution to situations in the light of scenarios that the pandemic has only highlighted but which were
Quando il Box è chiuso

When the Box is closed

What to do when the Box is closed? Here are some ideas to keep trained even when there is no other way than working out at home.

CrossFit at home

CrossFit at home or rather offer home WODs that are basic but no less demanding than the class ones.
Rolando Alberti - CrossFit Rowing e Business

The community that others envy us

The community that others envy us as a distinctive factor but also as a way of being able to stimulate the growth of people

The Foundation

Having specific skills doesn't mean succeed in business. It's just a base but you need all the foundations.

It is not just about marketing

Marketing is important but it is nothing if there are not the basis created by a structured system of service production.

Too much members? Mmmm

Plenty of members is not always a good thing.

Are you a good listener?

The ability to listen our clients/members is one of the keys to make them satisfied and keep them in the Box for a long time

Does your logo work for you?

The wrong logo can crate a lot of damages to your enterprise, more than you can figure out. Let's do a test.

What do you really want?

Clear targets and strategy are the basis to make a Box a profitable business.